Rhinoplasty in Armenia is the most popular plastic surgery, which is aimed at correcting deformities of the nasal septum in order to improve nasal breathing, as well as surgically changing the size and shape of the nose. Reconstructive rhinoseptoplasty is performed to correct aesthetic defects and physiological pathologies that are congenital or acquired as a result of injuries and previous unsuccessful operations. The operations are performed by the best plastic surgeons in Armenia  using the latest technologies. Thus, with us you can perform such types of rhinoseptoplasty as piezo-preserving rhinoseptoplasty, endoscopic closed rhinoseptoplasty, etc.

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Indications for rhinoplasty

  • intrinsic and extrinsic nasal pathology,
  • airway obstruction
  • unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance,
  • abnormalities resulting from previous rhinoplasties,
  • congenital nasal anomalies

Types  of rhinoplasty in Armenia

·       Septorhinoplasty

This procedure addresses both nasal form and function. Patients who have difficulty breathing due to conditions such as a deviated septum are candidates for septorhinoplasty.

·       Open rhinoplasty

An open procedure refers to the fact that surgeons have an unobstructed, or open, view of the nasal structure during the procedure.   The surgeon can then carefully lift the skin, exposing the internal structures. Even though the incision is on the outside of the nose, the scar is virtually imperceptible once it heals.

·       Closed rhinoplasty

This approach involves making incisions within the nose so scars are internal. Because a closed rhinoplasty is a tunneling procedure, a surgeon has reduced visualization and cannot make as extensive changes as with open rhinoplasty, especially for tip refinement.

·       Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

A traumatic impact that breaks the nose can result in disfigurement requiring surgical reconstruction. Ear cartilage grafts, spreader grafts, or external nasal valve grafts may be needed for these procedures.